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Availin's gameplay for Madden NFL 07 (X360)

Availin earned achievements in Madden NFL 07

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Availin said...
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Another Day, another 10 GS from Madden 07. I got my SuperStar QB to pass for over 30 TDs in a season. Now I only have to get his career total over 200...
Madden NFL 07

Madden NFL 07 (X360)

Genre/Style: Sports/Football (American)
Release Date: 22/AUG/06
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What is the best superstar for all superstar achievement?
@ellerkermike Unfortunately, there is no one player that is best for all the Superstar Achievements. You will have to play/sim through multiple positions to get them all. The offensive ones (QB, HB, WR) are all pretty easy, as your player will continue to gain in his overall rating over time. Defense, however, seems to degrade rapidly over time, so the INT, Forced Fumbles, and Sacks is difficult if you aren't actually PLAYING. My only other tip is for defensive superstars, make sure you get an agent with the Performance Institute - and USE IT, especially when your stats start to fall. Other than that, you need to either really love to play the game, or use a lot of saving and simming. Good luck!
Okay thanks for the advice and I'll do that then.
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